Sunday, Nov 13th 2005

All's quiet on the western front. It's late. Gavin is somewhere. Not sure where. He is on a business trip, and i know that we are meeting him in Boston in three days, but where he is now, I can not remember. Chicago maybe? We bought a house. It is tiny, but it is ours. Well, technically the banks for like three hundred years, but why get technical? Atleast we can replace a toilet seat without having to get a landlord's approval! We move in when we get back from Boston. I am really going to miss it here at the ranch. My parents have let us stay at their home while we waited for our house, and it has been 100% better than I thought it would be. I think that is my motto in life- have zero expectations and then you will be pleasantly surprised! Anyway, so I thought that they'd be in our hair, and we'd get bored- but it has been great. While Gavin is here, they stay at their other home in Vegas. Then when he goes on his business trips, my mom comes in to town to help with the kids. Dalton loves it here. It is like living in a John Wayne movie. The guys who run my parent's ranch have taken him under their wing, and he thinks they are best buds. They ride horses together, he helps them feed the cows, they go out for burrittos after they practice roping. It is every kids dream. There have been many highlights over this past month. I have loved spending time with my grandparents, who will be living only five minutes from our new home. Gavin has loved a month with no rent and free sitters. Dalton has really enjoyed spending time with his cousins, and Shelby has loved being held ALL THE TIME. The bummers of the month have been #1. Finding a tarantula in the garage (ok, it was dead when I found it, but STILL, it is a freaking tarantula!) Just the fact that they are out there gives me the creeps. #2. Being in a really BIG house at night when there are creaky floors. I am just used to being able to hear my neighbors above me sneeze or pee in the middle of the night, so to think that I could be being bludgeoned to death and the only company that I would have are the cougars in the mountains is kind of creepy. #3. VERY limited delivery options for dinner. Do we want pizza, pizza, or pizza? Basically I am going to have to dust off the old cooking utensils or I am going to dry heave the next time I see a piece of pepperoni. That is about it. Life is going well, although we miss Boston and our friends there terribly.


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